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Privacy Shield – Death Coming?

Privacy Shield is on a very basic level something that we in the EU rely on when transferring data to the US under GDPR, without this in place it gets very complex and time intensive. I appreciate the need to keep challenging and improving the regulations, but if its torn up on 1st September with nothing to replace it available, this will be a headache!

Preview of WORM Storage Available in Azure

I’m sure this will bring much excitement and cost reduction for many businesses!

ICANN – GDPR Cluelessness

A perfect example of the cluelessness of some companies about GDPR compliance. I’m sure it’s a challenge for them to change their systems but they have had 15+ years to think about it, grow up and get on with it!

Itty Bitty Site – Web Page in a Querystring

This is very cool and potentially quite useful for niche purposes. I wonder if it could be exploited though for nefarious uses? Only time will tell!

Battery Pack with Lightning Input – finally!

Can’t believe this has taken so long to be developed/released. Now a battery pack where you only have to bring 1 cable to both charge your device, but then also to recharge the battery pack. Granted USB-C iPhones and battery packs, with option of bi-directional charging sounds like nirvana, but baby steps

Bin Lorry Sinks into Newbury Road

Sink holes are pretty incredible things, not sure if this is one exactly but its the same concept at the very least! When buying a house, always check the searches to do your best to avoid a natural or human created cavity under your property

Windows 10 Memory Protection Features

An interesting article worth reading to understand the new protections available and what has/hasn’t ported from EMET

Site Mailboxes Deprecated

From March 2017 you won’t be able to create any new ones on Office 365, so its safe to assume they will be dropped out of the next versions of Exchange and SharePoint.

Shame really I thought this feature was actually quite good/powerful, especially as most people live within Outlook nowadays!!

Proxy Requirements for Windows Update

With the recent inclusion of Delivery Optimisation in Windows 10, you may see issues if you utilise a proxy, therefore new guidance has been made available by MS to help optimise your systems and also to ensure you do not see any adverse issues.

A French Town just installed the World’s First Solar Road

Very interesting test as if this becomes commercially viable/durable etc, then this would be amazing! Think about it, less requirement for solar farms (which look pretty ugly) as we could put this on all roads throughout every country