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Local Move Request – Completed with Warnings

May 24, 2013

I’ve been having this issue a number of times when moving Exchange 2010 mailboxes between databases.

The Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Replication service completed request with warnings.
Failed to clean up the source mailbox after the move.
Error details:
MapiExceptionUnexpectedMailboxState: Unable to delete mailbox. (hr=0×80004005,ec=2634)

It started in Exchange 2010 RU3, but hasn’t been fixed in any subsequent patch as I’m currently up-to-date on windows updates.

The following powershell cleans up the soft deleted mailbox:

The below script finds the identities of the soft deleted mailboxes in the IT database
Get-MailboxStatistics -Database DatabaseName | Where-Object {$_.DisconnectReason -eq "Softdeleted"} | ft Identity

Then run the below with the right database and the identity string outputted from the above command
Remove-StoreMailbox -Database DatabaseName -Identity IdentityIDFromAbove -MailboxState Softdeleted



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