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Citrix Receiver Stuck Loading …

October 8, 2013

We are going through a major move of our head office at the moment, and last week I spent the morning in the new office getting it all sorted but I had to come back as there was a Citrix issue that the others couldn’t solve.

The issue was that when a client machine tried to launch an application from the Citrix Receiver Enterprise client, it would stop at Launching… and the HDX process would stick in the background taking up a solid 25% of the CPU.  If you killed the Receiver and hit End Task on all the processes the performance would still not come back for the PC even though Task Manager reported nothing going on, so I’m assuming memory leak or some such here, and only a reboot kicks the client machine back into normal performance.

So after a lot of testing on the server side, and the client side I realised that a colleague had changed our WPAD.dat file to have blank contents and I had wondered/questioned the logic of it being blank as in my mind there wasn’t any logic to process so it might break things but not having a WPAD file left you in a potential poisoning hole. So I had a play with IE, I unchecked Automatically Detect in the IE connections tab and hey presto it worked!  I reverted that change and put a return(‘DIRECT’); in the WPAD, and that worked too! 

We decided to uncheck the Automatically Detect by GPO for all users, as having a WPAD with just return(‘DIRECT’); in there has the major downside that every website visited will now be in the Local Intranet zone which is really not a good idea!!

A bit of stress, but at least it is working now



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