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DFS Replication in Windows Server 2012 R2: Restoring Conflicted, Deleted and PreExisting files with Windows PowerShell

November 15, 2013

DFS replication is critical to most Windows Server environments, whether its replicating some software installs or replicating all of your project data across your enterprise!

What are preserved files?

DFSR uses a set of conflict-handling algorithms during initial sync and ongoing replication to ensure that the appropriate files replicate between servers, as well as to preserve remote deletions.

Conflicts – During non-authoritative initial sync, cloning, or ongoing replication, losing files with the same name and path modified on multiple servers move to: \Dfsrprivate\ConflictAndDeleted

PreExisting – During initial sync or cloning, files with the same name and path that exist only on the downstream server move to: \Dfsrprivate\PreExisting

Deletions – During ongoing replication, losing files deleted on a server move to the following folder on all other servers: \Dfsrprivate\ConflictAndDeleted


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