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Windows 8 – Windows Defender (AV) changes

October 25, 2014

In Windows 8, Microsoft Security Essentials (Antivirus) and Windows Defender (Anti spyware) have combined into just Windows Defender which is installed as part of Windows itself, so in essence you don’t need another anti virus solution installed on your computer unless you don’t trust it.

I personally have used Security Essentials since launch on all my home computers and I recommend it to everyone, it’s lightweight and it’s never let me down.

As Microsoft always come under flack for bundling software into their OS (and then if they don’t they take flack for it being insecure, ha!) they have said that their in built antivirus will disable automatically if another piece of security software is installed. This is especially important for security companies that bundle trial software when you buy PCs hoping you will purchase the full software once the trial has expired.

More details in the link below of what Microsoft are doing with their software, but from my experience with Security Essentials (or Windows Defender in Windows 8), when purchasing a new PC for home immediately remove the trial software and either install Microsoft Security Essentials if your running Windows 7 or use Windows Defender if on Windows 8. Zero cost and a good antivirus product.

For businesses with up to 10 computers, you can use Microsoft Security Essentials for free legally. There hasn’t been any clarification what happens with this license with Windows 8 yet though!



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