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Enable or Disable the Delete confirmation box

October 26, 2014

For those using Windows 8, you may have realised that when you delete something and it goes to your recycle bin you are not prompted for confirmation by default it just goes when you press delete. The confirmation was turned off as Microsoft found that most users preferred to turned it off in previous Windows versions (personally I never touched the default setting).

If you want to change this setting, just right click on your Recycle Bin, select Properties and then at the bottom of the Recycle Bin dialog there is an option that says ‘Display delete confirmation dialog’, check it if you want it, uncheck if you do not. This is the same in Windows 7, Microsoft just flipped the default in Windows 8.

Personally in previous versions of Windows, I have never touched this setting, however the default in Windows 8 is actually more intuitive.



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