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Exchange, Stubbing and Database Space Reclamation

October 26, 2014

Database space reclamation is occasionally a pain in Exchange 2010. As it was written to reduce the amount of IOPS it removed among many things the online database defrag process, and allowed data to be stored on contiguous pages which caused database space to not be reclaimed as much as it used to in previous versions.

In SP2 RU1 a fix was applied to Exchange to fix an issue most regularly seen when 3rd party software used stubbing mechanisms. Stubbing is where a message or file is removed from the database and put in a separate store outside of Exchange, but a marker being left in Exchange to reference the new object. The bug basically means that when a messages attachment was stubbed, as the 3rd party software may still have a reference to it the background task would not be able to access it and it would not reclaim the space. The fix included in RU1 basically added a retry mechanism, so if it wasn’t possible to free the space the first time, it would try again later.

Exchange, Stubbing and Database Space Reclamation


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