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How to configure and use “Group Policy Update” in Windows 8

October 26, 2014

There is a new feature within Group Policy Management in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 that allows you to right click on an OU and select Group Policy Update… and this will then tell you how many machines this is going to be run on.

If you proceed, this put a couple of tasks in the Scheduled Tasks on the computers, normally 2 but 3 in my case as it had 2 logged on users and these tasks basically run gpupdate /force against the computer and the user within the next 10 minutes. After the tasks have run they are removed from scheduled tasks never to be seen again.

In Group Policy Management it then reports which have been successful and which have failed, although successful just means the scheduled tasks have been deployed to the machine not the relative success of the tasks.

If you run this against computers, you need to be aware that when the tasks run the command prompt window will appear on the users desktop and if the gpupdate requires a reboot, the user will be prompted for this.

I ran this against an OU internally and I checked this worked on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines, so pretty useful stuff!


How to configure and use “Group Policy Update” in Windows 8


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