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iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S: what’s changed?

October 26, 2014

Well the latest Apple event was yesterday and they have announced a new iPod touch, Nano and iPhone as well as their new EarPods.

For me, I currently think the iPhone is the best consumer device available at the moment and I’ve had one since the 3G model. However I now have a 4 and after watching the Apple event for the 5 I am very underwhelmed. The link below from Engadget goes into more detail of the differences but here is my summary of what is important to normal people.

0.5 inch bigger screen, yippee do dar, boring.
Slimmer and lighter, interesting but 4S was a good weight so not that interesting
Better front facing camera, who cares
LTE (or 4G coverage), interesting but with limited coverage this is interesting to those in big cities otherwise it’s interesting in a years time.

There are other changes, but I don’t think they are interesting for normal people. What would have been very interesting is if they could keep similar guts but with double battery life! That is the bane of my life, devices running out of juice. I really get annoyed with every manufacturer putting the latest CPU in their devices to make it faster, and battery life still being the same it’s just not good enough. Most people (especially businesses) need a phone that you can make calls, txt, email, Facebook and travel around while still having battery life in a 24 hour period, you just cannot do this with the iPhone or many other devices yet

LTE is different bands throughout the world, so bring back the old days of single, dual and quad band phones or ask like to call it, consumer confusion!


iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S: what’s changed?


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