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Name your App Groups on Windows 8 Start Screen

October 26, 2014

With the release of Windows 8 on October 26th, there will be many people trying to get their head around the new Start Screen. One of the new features of the Start Screen is the ability to group your applications in groups called App Groups. By default pre-installed applications will be in the left most group and any additional ones you have installed will go in a second to the right of it.

You can move applications around my just dragging them into other groups, or further right and dropped, then a new group will be created. You will now if a new group is created as there will be a slightly larger separation between the icon and the one to the left of it.

To name your App Groups, go to the Start Screen and in the bottom right corner there is a minus sign (-), click this and you will zoom out on the Start Screen. If you right-click on a group, you will get the Name Group option where you can call your group whatever you want. Once you have named it, press Name and the group will be named.

When you return to the normal view of the Start Screen, the name of the group will appear above the group.

Very useful, now to classify my app groups, Admin Tools, Productivity etc.



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