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Using “Metro” Apps

October 26, 2014

I’m still learning Windows 8, especially the new Start menu and its new “Metro” (sorry I need to call it Metro as I am still confused to the new naming scheme and this is what everyone still calls them anyway!) apps.

So here is what I know so far (I will try to update this when I find new things, although please comment if you know more things and I will include here), and this is all from the perspective of using it with a keyboard and mouse.

Close “Metro” App

To close a “Metro” app either press Alt + F4, or move your mouse to the top centre of the app and click + drag it (the window should go small on the background) to the bottom of the screen (a bin action as it were)

“Metro” App Settings

  1. When you have the specific app open, open the Charms either by pressing Windows key + C, moving your mouse to the top left or bottom left.
  2. Select Settings, and you can configure all settings relating to that open app.

Alternatively when your in a “Metro” app just press Windows key + I and you will go straight to the Settings bar.

This confused me so much as its not what I’m used to, but once you understand the purpose of the Charms bar its actually very intuitive.  It also takes away the un-intuitiveness which could come from other companies having control over where Settings are found, and the end user going “is it here, or there or where is it” at least this way its always in the same place simplifying it for end users.

“Metro” App Multitasking

There are a few ways to switch between “Metro” applications (and both are available in “Metro” mode or Desktop mode).

  1. The usual Alt + Tab will cycle through all open applications whether they are “Metro” or otherwise
  2. Move your mouse to the top left corner of your screen and you will see a little preview of the last “Metro” app you had open, then move your mouse down the left side slowly and it will show you all “Metro” apps you have open and you can right click and Close or Snap Left or Snap Right from that interface.



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