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PowerShell Web Access

November 1, 2014

We all know and some of us even love (me, I know, I’m sad!) PowerShell. You can’t get away from it, it is a major part of every piece of Microsoft software, and is required for more advanced configuration of many pieces of Microsoft’s software too, and some (e.g. Office Web Apps 2013) you cannot configure without PowerShell as there isn’t a GUI!

Microsoft has changed/improved PowerShell in many ways since it debuted in Windows Server 2008, and now it’s pretty accessible for any IT Pro.

In Windows Server 2012, they have made massive improvements yet again and one large feature addition is PowerShell Web Access which basically allows you to remotely access the PowerShell interface from a non-work machine outside of the corporate network using just a web browser capable of JavaScript and accepting cookies, which is awesome! Downside is that if you don’t secure it properly you have a very dangerous back door to your system, simple solution to that is to secure it properly 🙂

Have a read about it further in the doc below, there are even some links at the bottom walking you through the process of setting it up

PowerShell Web Access


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