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Apple Event 13/06/16 – My Notes

June 15, 2016

For those that are interested I watched the Apple event the other night (as I normally do with most Apple/Microsoft type events).  I have iOS 10 installed to test the new features to ensure knowledge is captured before I end up helping friend/family etc with it when it eventually launches and to answer the inevitable question ‘What’s coming in the next version?’


iOS 10

Summary – Lots of additional features and improvements here


Lock screen and home screen experience improvements

Raise to wake – very good feature so you see notifications. Support for 3D Touch on these notifications too. Same for messages. Large improvement

Notification centre even better

Control centre – swipe over feature in addition to normal + 3D touch features

3D Touch – now a lot more functionality than just a right click, much richer experience, really pushing this now



Opening it up to developers so more enhancements will come.  Will be interesting to see what they produce

Eg. Send messages from non stock apps, such as Wechat or WhatsApp



Intelligence in the text above the keyboard, so it understands what’s happening, where you are etc

General intelligence by understanding context etc.

Multi lingual support, which will be useful for some people



Map for all photos that have been tagged – excellent

Advanced Computer Vision – facial recognition available on iPhone natively. This could be awesome if integrated with the library. Same as object and scene recognition.

Memories – cluster together photos based on location, people etc depending on where you are, date etc

Summary of memories shows highlights not all, people, featured, map, related photos

iPhone auto creates movie combining videos and photos taken with background music to a specified theme. This could be v good, with the big IF it works as shown. Will this work with normal stuff?

These photos enhancements coming to Mac as well




Proactive with suggestions based on times of day or calendar events

Nearby restaurants

Navigation included especially traffic on route plus other features been in other apps for years. Use Waze its had these features for years and is just overall much better!

Opening it up to developers




Looks to be a competitive platform and intuitive. Proof is in the testing. Will this tempt me away from my Spotify subscription? We shall see!

Coming to all platforms including android



Loads more publications being added


Like a newspaper now

Subscriptions coming, to replace old Newsstand properly. E.g. National Geographic and much more

Breaking news notifications coming as well



Home app to control all these home automation devices. Finally a common platform, this will make these things much better for everyone as some of these apps are really shoddy

3D Touch support

Works across all devices

Scenes automates integration of all these items, very good feature!

Siri integration

Built into control centre as well

Notification support

Works well with lock screen as well

Apple TV is the hub

Geofences can be used to automate things so when you get home the lights come on?

Full support across iPad and Apple Watch



Voicemail transcription (if you have visual voicemail which is limited by network so not available on Vodafone, grr)

Extension api on incoming calls – superb feature!!

VoIP api – so calls from those apps work properly just like a proper phone call – superb!

Enterprise phone systems will leverage this, starting with Cisco (no surprise!). I bet Microsoft get Skype for Business ready for this pretty quickly



Rich links when sent to people so plays videos inline etc and preview of websites

Emojis 3x bigger

Bubble effects to convey emotion, quite a good implementation

Support handwritten messages

Full screen effects

Lots of features from other apps finally being introduced

Messages opened up to developers for extensions, like stickers? Again same stuff other people have had for ages seems the main focus is kids

Some gimmicky features here but it is an improvement



End to end encryption

Most done on the device to keep personal data under my control

Differential privacy so that crowd sourcing, and information across the world can be personal but also maintain privacy



Summary – All minor updates really, generational improvement nothing special really except for a few niche features

Instant favourite apps, updating in background

Dock available for favourite apps

Swipe from bottom for control centre equivalent, same as iOS. Much better

Easier replying on messages, scribble mode which allows you to write letters on single canvas

New watch faces and easier to flip between faces

SOS on the watch, calls emergency services and sends important info to contacts. Good feature but niche usage

Activity sharing – compare against family/friends

Wheelchair users support – customised to take into account their types of activities. Good feature

Breathe – deep breathing exercising to relax people, might be good for exactly that reason!

Apple Pay support within other apps



Summary – All minor updates again, generational improvement I hope something interesting coming

Apple TV Remote app – can use iPhone app for same functionality as normal remote

Live tune in – live tv channels, good in US, but when will it come to the uk? That would be awesome, especially if you could use it as a DVR

Single sign on, needs playing with to see if this actually works as it does depend on the apps/networks/providers



Summary – Some good features but nothing mega

Renamed to macOS

This years version is called, Sierra

‘Continuity’ working between all your apple devices seamlessly

Auto unlock – with Apple Watch it knows who you are so auto unlocks Mac, what about iPhone?

Universal clipboard – copy images/video/text from iPhone and paste on Mac

iCloud Drive – desktop and documents folders also sync across all devices

Hard disk optimisation – old files archived to iCloud, so space for new files if your hard drive is getting full

Apple Pay – for websites using Continuity so pops on your iPhone or Apple Watch for authentication using Touch ID

Tabs – all apps to support automatically having tabs, so multiple CAD files open pop into tabs

Picture in picture – good feature, ported from success of iPad feature of same name but with a bit more flexibility as you would expect

Siri – coming to Mac with full integration with Mac apps, quite useful


Swift Playgrounds

New app for iPad to help teach Swift to more people and making it easier to pick up

Lessons and Challenges

Very simplistic but an easy way to learn for kids

More advanced lessons are available in it

Advanced keyboard in there created specifically for Swift coding


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