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Microsoft enterprise UK price hike

Effective from 1st January 2017 there will be a 13% price hike for on premise licenses and 22% for cloud licenses to bring in line with euro prices. Will they reduce prices when the pound recovers? Not likely, or maybe I’m a cynic

Better get that early commit arranged for your enterprise agreements!!


IT Staff Not Taking Annual Leave

This is an interesting article that was published in September’s Networking magazine.  Anyone that manages a team or a project or is even involved in IT, should be aware of this to ensure keep healthy/happy etc.  Younger staff especially might not even be aware of their holiday entitlement and ensuring they use it, help each other out!


Migration to Modern Public Folders

I discovered this article last night and it is a superb guide with ‘in the field’ notes appended to each step highlighting gotchas or things to be aware of depending on your environment type/size etc.

If you are thinking about migrating from legacy to modern public folders, this is very much a welcome article to read. Its not as daunting as I originally perceived, legacy PF’s are always a mess though especially if they have been augmented through by several acquisitions etc like numerous companies today.


New MCSE/MCSD Certifications Coming

Essentially brand spankers new certifications are coming, with the option of annual updating/recertification. People with the latest versions of these carts can automatically upgrade to the new ones.

Continuous improvement and updating of skills is always a good thing, however the much debated topic is that there are an awful lot of people that are very qualified but have no experience or really skills. Exams don’t teach you everything as they say!

Vodafone start blocking unwanted calls at network level

This is good to see/hear, unwanted calls are the bane of having a phone!!

Loud Noise Shut’s Down Datacentre for 10 hours

This is an interesting article, especially as even fire alarms could cause interruption if close by:

Enable paths longer than 260 characters in Windows 10

The 260 character limit has been the bane of the users and IT admins life for many years, especially if you use drive letters instead of UNC mappings.  Then users can create files up to the limit but then when the IT admin is manipulating these files on the full path, you can be over the character limit and then the challenges start!

In steps Windows 10 build 1607, and now finally you can go above that limt!


Via Group Policy

Either create a new GPO or open up gpedit.msc

Navigate to Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Filesystem

Scoll down to find “Enable Win32 Long Path”, and Enable it.

Via Registry

Open up regedit

Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\FileSystem

Create a DWORD called LongPathsEnabled and set it to 1