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Site Mailboxes Deprecated

From March 2017 you won’t be able to create any new ones on Office 365, so its safe to assume they will be dropped out of the next versions of Exchange and SharePoint.

Shame really I thought this feature was actually quite good/powerful, especially as most people live within Outlook nowadays!!


Proxy Requirements for Windows Update

With the recent inclusion of Delivery Optimisation in Windows 10, you may see issues if you utilise a proxy, therefore new guidance has been made available by MS to help optimise your systems and also to ensure you do not see any adverse issues.

A French Town just installed the World’s First Solar Road

Very interesting test as if this becomes commercially viable/durable etc, then this would be amazing! Think about it, less requirement for solar farms (which look pretty ugly) as we could put this on all roads throughout every country

Best Practices for Domain Controller VMs in Azure

An excellent guide when considering starts to build a hybrid environment

Test email and reply all kills NHS email

So simple but yet so destructive! Surely someone should have thought about locking down such a large distribution list? Or require approval if sending to it? Easy Exchange settings to prevent this disaster!

Global Impact of Ransomware

Very interesting article with appropriate infographic to demonstrate just how much of a risk this it to businesses at the moment

Microsoft enterprise UK price hike

Effective from 1st January 2017 there will be a 13% price hike for on premise licenses and 22% for cloud licenses to bring in line with euro prices. Will they reduce prices when the pound recovers? Not likely, or maybe I’m a cynic

Better get that early commit arranged for your enterprise agreements!!